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  • Q-Connect Computer Cleaning Kit 17550024

    Code: KF32155
    Pack size: Each

    A complete kit to help keep screens, keyboards and casings clean. Contains 200ml HFC free air duster for hard to reach areas, wet/dry sachets, 125ml bottle of screen and keyboard cleaning fluid and dry absorbent cleaning wipes.
  • Q-Connect HFC-Free Air Duster 400ml

    Code: KF04499
    Pack size: Each

    Pressurised, HFC free air duster perfect for keyboards, cameras and difficult to reach areas. Ozone Friendly. 400ml.
  • Q-Connect Large Screen/Protection Wipes Pack of 10 A

    Code: KF02245
    Pack size: Each

    Q Connect large screen cleaning wipes for use on LCD and TFT screens. Anti static formula cleans and protects the screen and gently removes, dirt, smears and residue. Alcohol and solvent free.
  • Q-Connect Lint-Free Absorbent Wipes Pack of 20

    Code: KF04506
    Pack size: Each

    Q Connect Absorbent Wipes. Lint free wipes for use with liquid cleaners. Soft and absorbent ideal for delicate surfaces as the lint free formula will prevent scratching. Pack 20.
  • Q-Connect Screen Keyboard Cleaning Fluid 250ml

    Code: KF04502
    Pack size: Each

    Q Connect Screen and Keyboard Cleaning Fluid. Anti-static fluid helps reduce dust built ensuring a crystal clear screen. Contains bactericide. 250ml.
  • Q-Connect Screen and Keyboard Wipes Pack of 100

    Code: KF04501
    Pack size: Each

    Q Connect Screen and Keyboard Cleaning wipes. Pre-moistened wipes with anti-static formulation to prevent dust build up, ideal for screens and screen filters. Handy pull-through resealable tub prevents wipes drying out. Tub 100.
  • Q-Connect Screen and Multi-Purpose Wipes Pack of 100

    Code: KF04503
    Pack size: Each

    Q Connect Screen and multi-purpose Wipes. Suitable for all hard surfaces, lifts stubborn stains, ingrained dirt, grease and static. 400ml.