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  • 3M Post-it Cover Up Tape 652H

    Code: 3M72947
    Pack size: PK24

    3M Post-it Labelling and Cover Up Tape. perfect for labelling, covering up or correcting. Unique low tack adhesive that is repositionable and removable. Includes dispenser and 1 roll 8.42mm x 17.7m
  • 3M Post-it Cover Up Tape 658H

    Code: 3M72948
    Pack size: PK12

    3M Post-it Labelling and Cover Up Tape. perfect for labelling, covering up or correcting. Unique low tack adhesive that is repositionable and removable. Includes dispenser and 1 roll 25.4mm x 17.7m
  • Classmaster White Plastic Pencil Erasers (Pack of 45)

    Code: EG60393
    Pack size: Each

  • Correction Fluid 20ml

    Code: WX10507
    Pack size: PK10

    Correction Fluid 20ml.
  • Correction Roller 792400

    Code: WX01593
    Pack size: PK10

    Correction Roller.
  • Pencil Eraser

    Code: WX01696
    Pack size: PK20

    Pencil Eraser.
  • Pentel Clic Eraser with Rubber Grip ZE22-C

    Code: PE17848
    Pack size: Each

    Hi-Polymer Pentel eraser in plastic pen shaped barrel with rubber grip for ease of use. Click ratchet system advances eraser to use, retracts to keep tip clean. Ref: ZE22-C.
  • Pentel Correct Express 7ml ZLE52-W

    Code: PE04942
    Pack size: Each

    Handy pen shaped corrector with ultrafine metal tip for precision and accuracy. Covers evenly and smoothly with its trichloroethane free formula. Excellent performance with long lasting value. White opaque fluid.
  • Pentel Eraser Clic Refill 12x Pack of 2 ZER/2

    Code: PEZER2
    Pack size: PK24

    Pentel Clic Eraser Refills. Hi-Polymer refills for use with item PEZE21.
  • Pentel Micro Correction Pen Fine ZL31-W

    Code: PE04055
    Pack size: PK12

    Micro fine point correction pen with dense, quick drying White fluid. Self sealing tip prevents drying out and spillage. For use on all paper types, faxes and photocopies. Trichloroethane free. Pack 12.
  • Pentel Micro Correction Pen White XZL31-W

    Code: PEXZL31W
    Pack size: Each

    Pentel Micro Correction Pen XZL31W. Micro fine correction pen produces dense quick drying fluid suitable for all paper types, fax and photocopies. The self-sealing tip prevents the fluid from drying out and eliminates spillages. Trichloroethane free.
  • Pentel Refill Eraser Pack of 4 Z2-1N

    Code: PE13188
    Pack size: Each

    Pentel Refill Erasers - Z2-IN. For use with all Pentel mechanical pencils.
  • Pritt Compact Correction Roller 4.2mm 569823

    Code: HK78343
    Pack size: PK10

    Pritt Compact correction Roller. Small, compact, handy correction roller. Applies dry so can be instantly written or typed over. Suitable for use on most types of paper including fax paper. Wide - 4.2mm.
  • Pritt Ecomfort Correction Roller 1483513

    Code: HK47316
    Pack size: PK10

    Pritt ECOmfort Correction Roller. Made from plastic manufactured from natural plant materials. Features sideways application for ease of use. User can write over immediately without smearing. W4.2mm x L8.5m.
  • Pritt Glue-it Compact Roller Permanent 8.4mm x8.5 Metres 619769

    Code: HK78363
    Pack size: PK10

    Pritt Roll and Stick Compact Roller. Disposable mini roller with permanent adhesive ideal for cardboard, paper and photographs. An instant permanent bond is created offering a fast accurate, clean way of applying adhesive. Size: 8.4mm x 8.5m.
  • Q-Connect Correction Fluid 20ml

    Code: KF10507Q
    Pack size: PK10

    Q Connect correction Fluid. White multi-purpose fluid covers up type, ink faxes, photocopies etc. Will not flake, chip or peel and dries smooth in seconds. 20ml bottle.
  • Q-Connect Correction Pen

    Code: KF00271
    Pack size: PK10

    Stylish pen shaped corrector with fine metal tip. Squeezable body to control the flow. Contains 8ml of fluid. Covers evenly and smoothly.
  • Q-Connect Correction Roller White

    Code: KF01593Q
    Pack size: PK12

    Q Connect correction roller produces a clean, quick and precise correction. Transparent case indicates when the tape is low. Unique tensioning button tightens the tape. 5mm x 8m.
  • Q-Connect Eraser White PVC

    Code: KF00236
    Pack size: PK20

    Premium quality sleeved plastic eraser erases graphite from paper without tearing or smudging. 60 x 22 x 11mm.
  • Q-Connect Mini Correction Roller Pack of 24

    Code: KF02131
    Pack size: Each

    Handy sized Mini correction Roller for quick coverage. Dry correction. clean, quick and precise. Can be written on instantly. No shadows. Disposable cartridge. 4.2mm x 5m.
  • Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser 526-50

    Code: ST52450
    Pack size: PK20

    Staedtler Mars Plastic Premium Quality Eraser. Removes graphite from paper, tracing and drafting film.
  • Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser Pack of 2 52650BK2

    Code: ST52819
    Pack size: Each

    Mars plastic premium quality erasers. Removes graphite from paper, tracing and drafting film. Pack 2.
  • Staedtler Rasoplast Eraser 526-B30

    Code: ST53063
    Pack size: PK30

    Erases graphite from paper. Block shape size 42x18x12mm.
  • Swäsh Assorted Pencil Erasers (Pack of 32)

    Code: EG60419
    Pack size: Each