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  • AF PC Starter Kit APCSK000

    Code: AFI50227
    Pack size: Each

    AF PC Starter Kit APCSK000. A small compact kit for thoroughly cleaning PC cases, CD drives, Keyboards and screens.
  • Durable Laptop Cleaning Kit 5863/00

    Code: DB50586
    Pack size: Each

    Durable laptop cleaning kit. Contains wet and dry wipes suitable for laptops and keyboards.
  • Durable Screenclean Set 5707/00

    Code: DB50101
    Pack size: Each

    Screenclean set consists of Screenclean fluid (125ml) and 20 absorbent lint free cloths. For streak-free cleaning of computer monitors, screen filters, laptops and TV sets as well as glass surfaces on photocopiers and scanners.
  • Philips Digital Transcription Kit LFH7177

    Code: PH96103
    Pack size: Each

    SpeechExec transcription set displays priority index, transcription status, pending, in progress and other job information. Transfer of dictation files via network/email. Complete with headset, foot control, adaptor box and software dongle.
  • Q-Connect Computer Cleaning Kit 17550024

    Code: KF32155
    Pack size: Each

    A complete kit to help keep screens, keyboards and casings clean. Contains 200ml HFC free air duster for hard to reach areas, wet/dry sachets, 125ml bottle of screen and keyboard cleaning fluid and dry absorbent cleaning wipes.