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  • Correction Roller 792400

    Code: WX01593
    Pack size: PK10

    Correction Roller.
  • Pritt Compact Correction Roller 4.2mm 569823

    Code: HK78343
    Pack size: PK10

    Pritt Compact correction Roller. Small, compact, handy correction roller. Applies dry so can be instantly written or typed over. Suitable for use on most types of paper including fax paper. Wide - 4.2mm.
  • Pritt Ecomfort Correction Roller 1483513

    Code: HK47316
    Pack size: PK10

    Pritt ECOmfort Correction Roller. Made from plastic manufactured from natural plant materials. Features sideways application for ease of use. User can write over immediately without smearing. W4.2mm x L8.5m.
  • Pritt Glue-it Compact Roller Permanent 8.4mm x8.5 Metres 619769

    Code: HK78363
    Pack size: PK10

    Pritt Roll and Stick Compact Roller. Disposable mini roller with permanent adhesive ideal for cardboard, paper and photographs. An instant permanent bond is created offering a fast accurate, clean way of applying adhesive. Size: 8.4mm x 8.5m.
  • Q-Connect Correction Roller White

    Code: KF01593Q
    Pack size: PK12

    Q Connect correction roller produces a clean, quick and precise correction. Transparent case indicates when the tape is low. Unique tensioning button tightens the tape. 5mm x 8m.
  • Q-Connect Mini Correction Roller Pack of 24

    Code: KF02131
    Pack size: Each

    Handy sized Mini correction Roller for quick coverage. Dry correction. clean, quick and precise. Can be written on instantly. No shadows. Disposable cartridge. 4.2mm x 5m.
  • Tipp-Ex Mini Pocket Mouse Corrector 89209 812878

    Code: TX89209
    Pack size: PK10

    Tipp-Ex mini pocket mouse. Dry correction roller covers up mistakes quickly and effectively. Easy to use - simply roll cassette over your mistake to leave a covering of smooth opaque film. Tape can be written on immediately. 5mm x 5m.
  • Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse Corrector White 42709 820789

    Code: TX51036
    Pack size: Each

    Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse Corrector. Brilliant disposable dry tape for instant corrections. 100% solvent free, ideal for school, home or office. Tape is 4.2mm wide and 9m long."