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  • 3M CraftMount Aerosol Adhesive 400ml

    Code: 3M75511
    Pack size: Each

    3M CraftMount Permanent - 400ml Ideal for bonding paper, card, fabric to wood, metal and glass - or foil to glass and card or paper to wood or ceramic. Dries fast yet allows initial repositioning for greater accuracy.
  • 3M Displaymount Aerosol Adhesive 400ml DMOUNT

    Code: 3M50789
    Pack size: Each

    3M DisplayMount - 400ml A heavy duty contact adhesive for display and exhibition work. Available in 400ml cans.
  • 3M Photomount Aerosol Adhesive 400ml PHMOUNT

    Code: 3M50773
    Pack size: Each

    3M PhotoMount Spray Adhesive Permanent. High strength adhesive - provides an instant and permanent bond. Ideal for photographs, archiving, illustrations, prints and maps. pH neutral, non yellowing and UV resistant. Clear and non-staining.
  • 3M Remount Creative Spray 400ml

    Code: 3M51942
    Pack size: Each

    3M Remount Creative Adhesive gives you the ability to lift and mount concept work, creative visuals and much more time and time again without respraying. This non-permanent adhesive is excellent for creative work prior to finished artwork stage. 400ml.
  • 3M Spraymount Aerosol Adhesive 400ml SMOUNT

    Code: 3M51839
    Pack size: Each

    3M SprayMount Spray Adhesive Repositionable. Easily repositioned up to 12 hours later. Ideal for mock ups, mounting designs, theatre sets, prototyping, exhibition boards and lightweight materials. Clear and non-staining. includes 1 x 400ml spray can.
  • Q-Connect Quick Mount Aerosol Adhesive 400ml

    Code: KF01071
    Pack size: Each

    Q Connect Quick Mount Mounting Spray, suitable for repeated mounting of light materials such as film, acetate and layout paper. Transparent aerosol will not soak through or wrinkle light materials. CFC free. 400ml.