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  • Bostik All Purpose Clear Glue 20ml Pack of 6 80207

    Code: BK00529
    Pack size: Each

    Bostik all purpose clear glue with extra strong, quick drying clear adhesive. Sticks a variety of household materials including porcelain, wood, fabric and card. Ideal for general household repairs and craft uses. 20ml.
  • Bostik Super Glue Tube 80607 Pack of 12 80607

    Code: BK00541
    Pack size: Each

    Bostik Super Glue gives a strong bond in seconds. Ideal for sticking china, metals, laminates and much more. - Features a safety collar and fine nozzle for precise application.
  • Copydex Adhesive Blister Pack 50ml 4598 1650 260918

    Code: HK1650
    Pack size: Each

    Strong and versatile naturally based latex adhesive, safe, non-toxic, solvent free and easy to use for paper, card, fabrics, cork, etc. 50ml.
  • Loctite Mini Trio

    Code: 101762
    Pack size: Each

    Convenient 1g shots of Super Glue Water resistant Bonds in seconds Transparent for invisible bonds Solvent free Ideal for leather, wood, metal, stone, glass and most plastics
  • Loctite Super Glue Liquid 3gm Ultimate Control 853338

    Code: LO95670
    Pack size: Each

    High tech ergonomic design for ultimate precision. Unique safety dispenser with lift and lock safety cap. Suitable for use on wood, china, metal, rubber, leather and most plastics. 3g.
  • Loctite Super Glue Tube 3gm 577095

    Code: LO25347
    Pack size: Each

    The universal instant glue bonds porcelain, fine china, rubber, leather, paper, card, wood, most plastics and metals in seconds.
  • No More Nails Invisible Mini 50ml 1430132

    Code: HK34179
    Pack size: Each

    No More Nails. A high strength adhesive, that eliminates the need for nails and screws in many DIY and repair jobs. Bonds all types of wood, tiling, metal, stone, plastic, plaster, concrete. 50ml. Invisible.
  • Pritt Stick 11gm Carded White 1456073

    Code: HK47518
    Pack size: PK12

    Pritt Stick 11gm. Adhesive glue stick ideal for sticking paper and card to provide a clean, quick and accurate result.
  • UHU All Purpose Strong And Safe Adhesive 7gm 39722

    Code: ED39722
    Pack size: PK12

    UHU All Purpose Strong And Safe Adhesive 7gm 39722.UHU All Purpose Adhesives Super Strong & Safe in the innovative dispensing system, bonds super strong and super fast and is correctable - no instant finger bonding.